1st Georgia Insurance School
Completing Your Prelicensing Course
  1. Getting started with your online course​
    • ​Go to the 1st Georgia Insurance School website
    • Login with your user name (your email address) and password
    • Select My Courses
    • Click Open Online Book and start studying
    • When you have completed our study material, select Exam(s) and take the final exam.  You are required to get at least 70% to pass the final exam and earn your GID 111 certificate.
    • Print the affidavit of completion, complete Parts A and B and fax the completed form to 1st Georgia Insurance School.
    • We will issue you with your GID 111 which you will submit when you apply for your license.
  2. Available support
    • ​​Personal Teachers.  Call 678-838-6507 from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. 7 days a week
    • Use Google to research areas you need to clarify or understand in more detail
    • Attend our one-day exam prep class review
  3. Live one-day exam prep class review
    • ​​Enroll into our one-day exam prep review class at 1st Georgia Insurance School
    • You may pay at the door, but please let us know you'll be attending
    • We have many testimonials about the value of this review class to highlight specific areas, clarify important concepts, and allow for student - teacher and student - student interaction
    • Any student may attend the class no matter which school they selected for their prelicensing certification

When you have completed studying our material, you will take the state exam.  Click Scheduling the State Exam for details.

When you pass your state exam, you will apply for your license.  Click Apply for your License for details.