1st Georgia Insurance School


Steps to Becoming an Insurance Agent

  1. Prelicensing State Requirements
  • 40 hours
    • Life, Accident and Sickness (Life and Health)
    • Property and Casualty
    • Adjuster
  • 20 hours
    • Life only
    • Health only
    • Personal Lines
    • Life and Health Limited Subagent
    • Property and Casualty Limited Subagent
  • 10 hours
    • Navigator
  • 8 hours
    • Variable
  1. Licensing Process
    • Complete our online course:
      • Complete the online course by passing the final exam
      • Print and complete the affidavit of completion
      • Sign Part A and have a witness sign Part B
      • Fax or email the completed affidavit of completion to us
      • We will email you a certificate of completion, your GID 111
    • Schedule, take, and pass the state exam
    • Apply for your license at Sircon
      • You will need to pay a fee of $115
      • And submit the required documents (see below)
  2. Documents Needed to Apply
  • GID 111:  We, 1st Georgia Insurance School, will issue you with your GID 111 when you have successfully passed our final exam and sent us your affidavit of completion
  • Georgia State Exam pass.  Please note there is no need to submit this document for your application.  This is submitted electronically by PearsonVue.
  • GID 276:  This is your Citizenship Affidavit.  You can access this at GA DoI.  This form will need to be notarized. 
  • Driver's license:  Clear copy of back and front of your driver's license.
Fax the required to documents to PSI Services PSI, fax number 1-855-235-5174
  1. Fingerprinting
  • Details on what is required for fingerprinting can be found in Fingerprinting