1st Georgia Insurance School


How to Get Fingerprinted

You are required to be fingerprinted when you apply for your license.

Go to
  1. Select the Application Registration tab
  2. Select Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner
  3. Select Register to be Fingerprinted
  4. Complete the application
  • The Finger Print Location link will provide information on fingerprinting locations
  • Acceptable forms of payment
    • Credit card
    • Money order
    • Cash and personal checks are not accepted
  • Acceptable identification documents
    • State-issued driver's license with photograph
    • State-issued identification card with photograph
    • U.S. passport with photograph
    • Active duty / retiree / reservist military ID card (000 10-2) with photograph
    • Government-issued employee identification card with photograph
    • Tribal identification card with photograph
    • Social security card with supporting documents

Go to the Georgia Department of Insurance document for details

Some of the testing centers have fingerprinting services.  Ask them when you schedule your state exam.  This will save you time.