1st Georgia Insurance School


How to schedule the State exam

  1. Exam details available:  Georgia Insurance Candidate Handbook at PearsonVue
  2. Call PearsonVue: 1-800-274-0488 to schedule your exam or enroll online at pearsonvue.com.  You should call at least 4-5 days in advance of your desired test day.
    • Request your test center (5 state locations).  Refer to the Candidate Handbook for details
    • Request your date and time
    • Schedule your specific exam by its number: 12-GA-xx.  Exam numbers are located on the back page of the Candidate handbook.
    • If requested, provide our Education Provider number.  Our provider numbers are based on the exam you are taking.  Please refer to the Education Provider Number list.
  3. Cost: $63.00.  You can reschedule your test without penalty up to 48 hours ahead of your exam
  4. Finger printing:  Some test centers do finger printing onsite so ask when you schedule the exam

Our recommendations:
  • Look over the Candidate Handbook.  It contains valuable information on the exam content, testing centers, exam numbers, and more. (PearsonVue)
  • We recommend you schedule your state exam 5 days after you complete the Law section.  This gives you time to review the material and take our final exam before taking the state exam
  • Schedule the exam for the Tuesday following our Saturday one-day exam prep review class if you choose to attend

You do not need the GID 111 we issue when you pass our final exam in order to schedule or take the state exam.  This is needed when you apply for your license.